Sean (bungoman) wrote in gcf_posi,


I realized the other day that there may be some people in the Dallas/Fort Worth area who really want to go to more shows but don't know where to keep informed on when/where they are. So, I created a simple message board (found here) where people can share information about all the shows in the area. I will be updating it every couple of days with listings of all the shows I know about, even if I won't be going (I generally go to as many as possible). I'm not limiting this board to just hardcore shows, because if I did it would limit the memebership to a very small number (sad but true) and not everyone listens to only that kind of music (myself included). However I am reserving the right to ban anyone who tries to post information about an upcoming Dave Matthews Band concert hahaha.

So yeah, if you're from the Dallas/Fort Worth area sign up, and tell me and everyone else about what's going on in the area. If you're not from the Dallas/Fort Worth area then join us anyways, everyone is welcome.
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