you'll cry, it won't change a thing. (kendrobot) wrote in gcf_posi,
you'll cry, it won't change a thing.

seriously I'm so glad everyone else in here pays attention to details.

From GCF:
"We've sort of been keeping this under wraps, but the rumors are true. We are currently recording a new is tentatively titled: "We Are A Positive Hardcore Band". But if we can come up with a good record cover idea, we will name the album after one of the songs: "Between Christian Rock and a Hard Place". Feel free to send in any ideas!
If you want to get a sneak preview of the new record, or if you are willing to do just about anything for some free food, come to the Back-up-vocal / Vegan BBQ which is happening at noon on Saturday. July 2nd just outside of DC.
Anyone interested in coming, email me and let me know!

Also, I should add that Darkest Hour is playing a show at the Black Cat that night...added incentive for all you out of towners!

If you can't make it, we'll see you at Hellfest!

ps- Stay Posi!"
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