GOOD CLEAN FUN! - Positivity in the Scene

This Story starts in 85 when posicore was young and alive

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this is a Community dedicated to Hardcore's jokers

Every one should know about them. this community is ment for any pictures you want to post,any thing GCF related Topics, Sharing GCF memories,any thing to do with hardcore/Posicore, ECT.

all known Good Clean Fun members current/past/tour:
Mr. Issa
Aaron Mason
Alex Garcia-Rivera
Anita Storm Van Leeuwan
Ryan Smith
Eddie Smith
Danny McClure
Justin Ingstrup
Austin Hedges
Kelly Green
Mike Phyte
John Delve
Steve Heritage (of Assück and Anthem 88)
Andrew Black
John Committed
Jeff Grant (of Stop It!! and Pink Razors)
Scott Andrews (of The Scare)
Rapha (of Undressed Army)
Pete D.C.

GCF's Music Releases:

*1997/98 "Shopping For a Crew" 7'EP (Underestimated/Reflections)
*1998 "Who Shares Wins" 7'EP (Phyte)
*1999 "Shopping For A Crew" LP/CD (Phyte/Dead Serious)
*2000 "On The Streets Saving The Scene From The Forces Of Evil" (Phyte/Reflections)
*2000 "Let's Go Crazy" 7" Picture Disk (Phyte)
*2000 "Live In Springfield" 12"LP (Phyte)
*2001 "Shawn King can Suck It" 10"LP (Phyte)
*2001&2002 "Straight Outta Hardcore"(Phyte/Reflections/Defiance)
*2001 "Good Clean Fun/Throwdown X-mas Split" 7" (Prime Directive)
*2002 "Positivly Positive 1997-2002" CD (Equal Vison)
*2004 "Today the Scene, Tomorrow the World" Live CD (??)
*2006 "Thumbs Up!" Split with Dead After School 7" (Cup 'n' Cakey records)
*2006 "Between Christian Rock And A Hard Place" CD (Equal Vison)
*2006 "Crouching Tiger, Moshing Panda" - (Equal Vision)

The Comps:
*1999 Fight The World Not Each Other comp.(Reflections Records)
*1999 The Rebirth Of Hardcore: 1999 comp. (SuperSoul Records)
*2000 For The Kids Together (Together Records)


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